Phospholipid Monascus solid beverage

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Phospholipid Monascus solid beverage

The natural lovastatin of open circul ar form(Acid Monacolin K) in the  phospholipids monascus can lower the blood lipid directly ,without the processing of hydrolyzing by human body,so there is no effcets for the hepatorenal function, and better than Lovastation.Lovastation is produced by Merck , it is a kind of POM,it needed to be hydrolyzed by human body.Different people may have differnent result some can be better,some maybe useless.

Kelp Meal

The Xylo-oligosaccharide(Xos)Kelp&grain power in the Kelp&grain power can regulate gastrointestinal function very well.The kelp&Semen sesanmi nigrum power and lecithin can improve the blood sugar.

Phospholipid,red koji,wild jujube seed

Phospholipid monascus and semen zizyphi spinosae solid drink have grate antianxiety usage for the content of R-aminobutyric acid semen zizyphi is known as"Oriental sleeping fruit",can improve the sleeping quality very well

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